History of Microsoft Office, and How It Changed the World

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Come to think of it, Microsoft has been around for nearly 40 years. It had just recently celebrated its anniversary. Over the years, Microsoft has truly revolutionized the entire world as we see it. No one could have though how the company could actually change the world but it all seems possible now.

Microsoft has changed the way we use our computers as the Microsoft Office Software is one of the most powerful software out there. It is giving Google a tough time, despite Google Docs providing so many features to users. Majority of the companies around the world use Microsoft Office to perform its activities. One can even argue that the majority of computers around the world all run a Windows based software.   


If we think about the history that is to say the past pre-Microsoft, thing were very different as there was no such concept of a personal computer. In the 1970s, the machines used to be huge and resembled gaming consoles which had a keyboard attached to them.

One of the first companies which launched computers was Apple. An Apple computer used to sell for $3,000 during that period. Bill Gates and his partners agreed to focus on software instead of just hardware or both. It helped them design some of the best operating systems which this world has ever seen.

Next, they had a deal with IBM and charged a license fee for the use of Microsoft’s software. This meant that every computer which was sold by IBM would normally just run a Microsoft operating system. It had some of following effects:

  • It enabled the majority of computers to run a Microsoft operating system.
  • Computer software became Microsoft’s main commodity.
  • It allowed for computing to become accessible to masses for affordable prices, paving the way for a revolution in which computers became an absolute necessity.
  • It ensured that compatibility was possible among the various products it offered.

In 1985, the first version of Windows had been launched and it was completely different from the interface that we use today. Just a decade later, the Windows 95 was launched with set a new benchmark for the entire industry. There were many packages which were provided to supplement Windows 95 and Windows XP later on.

One of these packages was Microsoft Office. It impacted every single industry and due to its launch, work was done completely differently as compared to before. Companies could finally use a computer to perform some its core operations and it meant that the activities of the businesses became more efficient.

Advent of Computer Technology

It is from there that there was further advent of computer technology and software which provided solutions for just about everything. The Microsoft package included Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and etc. Old timers used to dread having to use computer technology, but just look at the world in which we live in today, you will find your own grandmother playing Candy Crush on her Microsoft Tab.

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