Why is PDF as famous as it is?

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If you’re a student all your reading assignments use the PDF format and if you’re a professional all your reports are PDF, the books a book lover reads online are also in PDF format, point in case being whoever you are, a student or an employed individual, PDF plays a very important role in your life. PDF formats have become very important, there is not a single person whose ‘download’ section does not have a single PDF file. Why is PDF so famous? Read on to find out:

Screen friendly viewing

The ease of reading with a PDF document makes it a popular choice among the readers. The reading experience of a PDF is same as that of a newspaper. PDF file formats are great at preserving the original content of the document. Text, drawings, charts, photos or even handwritten notes all show very clearly when incorporated into the PDF. Regardless of the application used to curate content for the PDF the outcome will be uniform and consistent.

Reading a PDF is also very easy, you can adjust your reading size and it will remain the same unless changed.

Ease of access

PDF is a great document format that is compatible with all OS types and all computer systems. You can have a PDF in your phone and the same one in your laptop, when printed both will look exactly the same. This feature makes all user to adapt to the PDF lifestyle and enjoy ease of operation.

Enabled with password protection

The feature of adding a password helps one save their data and information from theft or plagiarism. With your password you can make sure that no one opens, prints or reads your PDF. When you put on a password on a word document, it can be broken with a couple of simple steps, but PDFs have a very strong encryption method that ensures zero access to anyone not having the password.

Add your signature

With the digitization of everything, your personal details should also be easily accessible for your own ease. PDF allows you to save your physical signature on your computer from where you can add it to digital text files. This feature helps expedite the verification process of procedures. When someone sends you a file to sign, you need to print it and then sign it, scan and then send it back, with PDFs all of this is just easier.

There are millions and millions of PDFs on the internet these days. You can read research articles or articles of any kind by just one click. Word files also give the option of converting the document to PDF file. Apart from this, many software help people get PDFs of their word documents (we actually provide this functionality online right here in our website). These not only protect your data but also provide you a converting software free of cost. Creating, reading and sending PDFs are so easy nowadays that it has actually become a blessing. This ease of use and compatibility with different systems is what makes PDF this popular.

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