Review of the 5 Most Popular File Sharing Services

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It is important for you to be able to share files across the company so as to ensure that workers and clients are able to access documents which they need to access with ease. It can be frustrating having employees or clients send attachments or using pen drives. There are even chances of the system catching viruses due to this reason.

We live in an era of technological advancement which is why it is vital for you to use a file sharing service. There are many applications out there which provide these services. However, there are only a few which provide you with the best quality when it comes to file sharing, file conversion, checking files, formats and types. The services vary greatly from app to app.

The app a company chooses for file sharing depends on the features of the app, support options, the supported devices and its price. Another issue which the company should take into account is security since many sensitive files would be stored and sent. Hence, keeping in view of all these factors, the most popular file sharing services are as follows:

1. G Suite

Previously known as Google Apps for Work, it is similar to Google Docs. It provides you with the complete Google Apps experience meaning that you get to use all the apps that are available on Google Apps. It has increased security features and controls. Its target is Microsoft Office and it is succeeding. Since, it is a Google Product; the employees would already be familiar with the interface and technology and would not require much training.

2. Zoho Docs

It is a central document repository that allows one to share and store files securely, edit, upload and access them from just about anywhere you want. Most types of files will be created, edited, shared, uploaded and viewed such as PDF or Zip. You can also import these files to Google Docs.

3. Evernote

It is one of the most well-known apps out there which people use to sketch ideas, collaborate on work and keep track of paperwork. It also works effectively for file-sharing service. It makes the entire sharing and saving process much easy through its intuitive plugins and design. You can save web pages with just a click of a button and check it out later. It works perfectly across multiple devices making it easy for you to access files from just about everywhere.

4. Dropbox

Chances are that you have already heard of Dropbox and might have even used it which is why it time for you to consider using it for your business. It is user-friendly and has many powerful features making it the ultimate file-sharing app which one should have. It has features such as offline access, automatic back-up and many more.

5. Box

Previously, it had advertised itself as a business-friendly alternative to Dropbox as it focused on providing file sharing services for businesses instead of individuals. Besides, just the file sharing features, Box provides you with advanced security controls.

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