How to Use Google Docs

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Just about everyone needs to use a document creation program at some point of their lives. Whether you are a student or a professional, chances are that you will need to use such a program. Depending on your needs, it is best for you to use a program which offers you the maximum features or at least some of the well-known features, which is why Google Docs is your best bet.

Unlike Microsoft which provides various programs for a price, Google Docs is completely free to use. It provides you with a large collection of programs which will make your life much easier. It is a great alternative to Microsoft Word and other Microsoft programs. This is why it is vital for you to learn about the program so that you can use it to its full potential.

This guide will help you understand all the important facets of Google Docs so as to enable you to create a document, edit it and collaborate with others. It is also used for file conversion.

Step No. 1: Set up A Google Account

It is necessary for Google Docs users to have a Google Account in order to access it. If you already have an account then you can skip this step, but make sure to log in to your account.

Now, anyone who wishes to create a Google Account should be glad to know that it’s easy and free to create one. It will provide you access to Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail and Drive. Just go to the sign up page to create a Google Account and provide your details such as your name, birth date and email address. Click on Agree to terms and conditions to start using your account.

Step No. 2: Launch Google Docs

You can access the program through many ways depending on the device you use. There is an app which is available on Google Play and App Store. If you are using a desktop then you just need to click on the right corner where the Docs button will be found. Click on “More” to see the pop-up menu which would contain Google Docs.

It is also easy to access it on Google Drive by selecting Docs on the top corner. Click on New once the page opens. Once the web app has been launched, you can start to create a document. 

Step No. 3: Create a Document

Click on the blank page that has a blue addition sign inside it to create a document. Just scroll up if you can’t find it. If you want to access a document or file from Drive, then you need to go to “Drive” first and then, you will be redirected to Google Docs.

Step No. 4: Get to Work

Once the document has been created, you can start working. Click on the Untitled Document which would appear on the upper-left corner and add a title to the document. There are various options to adjust the text size, front type and much more. The work can be done using different formats and types which are available on the program. That is it to all of it, use Google Docs now to easily create documents.

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