Choosing the Right Format For your Files

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Creating the files for any sort of work is just another step of the ladder to your goal. In case you want to reach the desired outcome, you need to pick the exact format for your files, so you can bring out the best results of your work. Of course, all this depends on the nature of the work you are doing, and in any case, you can always opt for converting your files into different formats after you have done your work as well.  Following are some of the formats that are described with their specialities and what they are best for; so, you can choose the right format for your file


JPEG is the abbreviation for Joint Photographic Experts Group which is actually the team of technicians that designed and developed this format. It is widely used around the world for banner advertisements, images on the web, graphics in email etc.

You should opt for choosing the JPG file format when you are dealing especially with photos and artwork. Not only will this make the images more flexible for you to edit but enable them to be downloaded easily as well. JPG is an excellent choice in case you want the best prints for your images or artwork because of its low compression and high-resolution ability. This is also the reason which makes them great for email attachments as well.


GIF is short for Graphics Interchange Format. It is a pretty much well-known format these days, because of its use in social media memes. Other than that, it is used for animated graphics advertisements, web images etc. In case you are planning to create an animated web graphics, GIF is your go-to format. It has all the necessary animation frames and timing details that are required to produce the ultimate single file.


Portable Network Graphics (PNG) is one of the most popular file formats these days especially because of its high-quality transparency feature in web graphics. The PNG images can be adjusted on any level of transparency which is used as a background to make frames, logos etc. It also provides you with an excellent range of deep colors which are vibrant and perfect for artists and painters. PNG files can compress to an impressively small and light sizes, which makes it ideal for using it when there is the work of web graphics.

Vector images

Vector images are very detailed sort of mathematical equations in the form of dots and lines, which can each be assigned a different color and shape to create a masterpiece. These are especially used for logos, icons and digital illustrations so in case you are searching for the right logo format for your new project, vector image is the one.


PDF is the abbreviation for Portable Document Format and is an all-device friendly file format, which encloses complete work into a compact form with the correct display, so you can view it anywhere from your cell phone to any operating system device. PDFs are especially asked for when it comes to printing. Most posters, e-books, magazines, booklets, research papers all are in PDF formats for easy access.

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