What is a Text File and how is it used?

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Text files are a type of digital and non-executable files which contains symbols, numbers, letters and even a combination of these. It allows one to create and store text without having to worry about any specific formatting. They are also referred to as ASCII files or flat files.

How to Use it?

It is relatively easy to use a text file on your PC with a text editor. It doesn’t require file conversion. You can use a text file to store files. There are no formats or types when it comes to using a text editor. One of the most commonly used text editors is Notepad. It is available on your computer if you are using Microsoft Windows.

When we talk about a text file, what we are actually talking about is a plain text file which does not have any text formatting meaning there would be no option to change the format of the text, add  images, change the don’t size or a different font.

If you want to use an even more powerful free text editor then you should download Notepad++ to view, edit and create text files. Here are the steps to use it.

Tip No. 1: Open Notepad

Firstly, you need to open Notepad. In order to open you need to go to click on the windows icon and then you will be able to find it on the list. However, if it does not show then you can type it in the search column and it will appear. Just click on the Notepad app to open it.

It would save a text file which has a .txt file extension meaning there is no special font or formatting which would be used.

Tip No. 2: Save the Text File

It is possible to create a text file using Microsoft Word and even WordPad. Now, in order to save the file as text file, simply change the file type when you save the file to “Plain text”. Once, the file is saved you will also be able to edit it using Notepad or any other word processing application on your computer.

Tip No. 3: Creating a New Text File

Another easy way to create a new text file is by clicking on the desktop screen as it will allow the menu to appear, press on “New” and just click on the Text Document. When you create a text file through this method, it automatically shows the text file as black on the desktop.

You can rename the file to whatever you want and should be able to edit the file on any of the word processing applications such as WordPad or Microsoft Word. One can use these same steps to add a text file to another location such as a different folder on the PC.

It is relatively easy to use a .txt file as it does not require much effort, so if you want to create a text file then just go to your computer.

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